Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing

Considering raising demand for shampoo bottle, Hitech Plastics Engineering offers complete solution for shampoo bottle manufacturing. Currently, shampoo bottle manufacturing has become one of the trending profitable business. It cannot be overstated that the process of selecting the appropriate machine combination for your plastics application  is a critical part of the success or failure of any particular machine cell. Hitech Plastics Engineering offers the economical solution for shampoo bottle manufacturing so that customer can survive in highly competitive marketplace. The company takes into consideration both your business goals and the needs of your customers with the ultimate goal of providing an up front design analysis for a higher-quality finished product, customized to meet cost and performance targets.

Why Only Hi-tech Plastics Engineering?:

  • Single Source Provider: You can get a range of options and can select best one.
  • Consulting Specialists: They can help you determine the most effective equipment to increase your production throughput.
  • Technical Assistance & Support: Hitech Plastics Engineering’s dedication to your project does not stop after installation. Our professionals are always ready to relieve burden from your shoulder and provide support even after office hours.
  • Deals in World-Known Brands: As a authorized dealer of renowned brands, Hitech Plastics Engineering guarantee all equipment.

Single Color Injection Moulding Machine

Manufacturing Single Color Cap for Shampoo Bottle with High Quality Servo Injection Moulding Machine

Injection Blow Molding Machine for Single Color Cap manufacturing

  • Suitable Machine: 268 Ton
  • Cycle Time: 18-20 seconds
  • No. of Cavities: 08 cavities
  • Mold Base: P20
  • Mold Core: 2316
  • Mold Cavity: 2316
  • Runner System: 8 point Hot Runner

Double Color Injection Moulding Machine

Manufacturing Double Color Cap for Shampoo Bottle with High Quality Servo Injection Moulding Machine

Double Color Injection Molding Machine

  • Servo system
  • Rotating platen
  • Oil level alarm
  • Self-lock suction oil filter

Mould Features:

  • Double Color Mold 08 cavity
  • Cycle Time: 18-20 seconds
  • Mould Core & Cavity Material: S136
  • Mould Base Material: P20H
   Specifications M370 M150
   Clamping Unit
   Clamping Force KN 2800
   Clamping Stroke mm 490
   Tie Bar Distance mm 920*570
   Max. Mould Height mm 520
   Min. Mould Height mm 200
   Eject Stroke mm 130
   Eject Force KN 34
   No. of Ejector Pins Pcs 3+3
   Rotation Platen Diameter mm 1000
   Injection Unit
   Screw Diameter mm 38 25
   Screw L/D ratio 20 22
   Shot Size(Theoretical) cm3 198 62
   Injection Weight (PS) g 181 56
   Injection Pressure MPa 189 309
   Injection Rate into Air g/s 114 70
   Injection Stroke mm 175 143
   Injection Speed mm/s 101 126
   Screw Rotation Speed rpm 218 304
   Max. pump pressure MPa 17.5 17.5
   Pump Power Motor KW 13+13 13+13
   Heater Power KW 6.6 4.5
   Hopper capacity kg 25 25
   Oil tank capacity L 350 350

Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Manufacture Shampoo Bottle with High Quality Economical Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion Blow Molding Machine for Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing

  • Shampoo Bottle Size: 150 ml to 750 ml
  • Shampoo Bottle Weight: 17.5 to 39.5 gram
  • Maximum Output: 1200 to 1600 pieces per hour
  • 100-point hydraulic thickness control system
  • Auto de-flasher
  • View strip
  • Double Station
  • Mold Features: Material: P20; 4 Cavity; Auto De-flasher
  • Ready Stock Molds: 200 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml
  • One Year local warranty

Auxiliary Machinery

Boost your production in efficient way by using recommended auxiliary machines

Vacuum Auto Loader

Industrial Chiller

Raw Material Collection Bin

Plastic Color Mixer

Conveyor Unit

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