Advance PET Processing

UWA YH-Series Pet standard and Pet Special Injection Molding Machine is a specialized machine designed for high-quality PET processing. It is equipped with a special screw and barrel for improved plasticizing, a servo motor control system for energy efficiency, and an enlarged motor and pump for increased speed and output.

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a thermoplastic polymer that is widely used in the production of various product, including Preforms for injection molding. Some common applications of PET preforms include:

  • Beverage Industry
  • Food Packaging
  • Personal Care Products

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YH 158 II-PET 620H

Screw Model A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 53-58
Shot Weight (g) 524-627
Tie-Bars (wxh)

YH 178 II PET 620H-850H

Screw Model A-B/A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 53-58/60-65
Shot Weight (g) 524-627/824-967
Tie-Bars (wxh)

YH 208 II PET 850H-1300H

Screw Model A-B/A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 60-65/67-70
Shot Weight (g) 824-967/1142-1246
Tie-Bars (wxh)

YH 268 II PET 850H-1300H

Screw Model A-B/A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 67-70/76-80
Shot Weight (g) 1142-1246/1567-1736
Tie-Bars (wxh)

YH 308 II PET 1450H-1800H

Screw Model A-B/A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 76-80/82-85
Shot Weight (g) 1567-1736/1984-2132
Tie-Bars (wxh)

YH 358 II PET 1800H-2700H

Screw Model A-B/A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 82-85/90-95
Shot Weight (g) 1984-2132/2726-3038
Tie-Bars (wxh)

YH 408 II PET 2700H-3600H

Screw Model A-B/A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 90-95/95-100
Shot Weight (g) 2726-3038/3673-4069
Tie-Bars (wxh)

YH 488 II PET 3600H

Screw Model A-B
Screw Dia (mm) 95-100
Shot Weight (g) 3673-4069
Tie-Bars (wxh)



Ningbo Yonghua Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1985, is a leading national high-tech enterprise specializing in plastic injection molding machines. As the vice president company of Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association,

injection molding machine
The main components such as templates have undergone multiple optimization designs, and based on the analysis of finite element software Strengthen the design of the template tο ensure its longevity Life also protects the mold
Equipped with a high- performance Hongxun computer as standard, equipped with a PET specialized needle valve control program, it can easily achieve process adjustment, meet the control requirements of PET machines, specialized support expansion of 1/0 groups, and support CAN/ETHER CAT communication.
The PET specialized screw design is designed for the low shear high mixing characteristics of PET resin materials. A length to diameter ratio of 25:1 Effectively improve plasticization efficiency and shorten molding cycle. (The specific screw model shall be provided by the screw unit)
The hydraulic power part adopts a servo motor to drive a large displacement oil pump, combined with a high-speed hydraulic motor (PET specialized motor) to effectively increase the rated torque, ensure smooth and reliable screw operation, and achieve high-speed production. (Optional electric glue melting solution, synchronous mold opening and plasticizing function, further improving production efficiency)
In response to the difficult problems of PET bottle embryo molds, such as a large number of mold cavities, high ejection stress, and long plastic products, our company is equipped with oversized ejection cylinders to effectively improve ejection force and ejection stroke, meeting various bottle embryo production requirements
The double cylinder balanced injection mechanism adopts a line rail scheme at the foot of the injection seat, which runs smoothly, efficiently, and energy-efficient. It strengthens the rigidity and strength of the guide pillar support structure, and is matched with a high-precision electronic ruler to control the injection stroke, adapting to the requirements of high-precision product molding.
The heating is controlled by Solid-state relay. Compared with ordinary AC contactor, Solid-state relay has the advantages of good sensitivity, small control power, good Electromagnetic compatibility, fast conversion speed, etc., and is highly praised by industry professionals.