UWA YH Series of servo injection molding machines are specifically designed to process a wide range of plastics, including PP, PC, PE, PVC, CPVC, ABS, HTPE, PPR, PA, PA66, LDPE, LLDPE, and MDPE. These machines are engineered to meet the demands of the modern manufacturing industry, with features such as high precision injection, energy efficiency, and stability.

UWA YH Series machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including servo motors, which provide improved accuracy, faster response times, and energy savings. The large injection unit allows for the injection of large volumes of plastic at high speeds, and we offer a variety of clamping and control options as well as optional features such as automatic material loading and temperature control to suit different applications and production needs.

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YH 1180

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 100-110-120-130
Shot Weight (g) 3929-4754-5658-6640
Tie-Bars (wxh) 1260×1180

YH 1380

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 110-120-130-140
Shot Weight (g) 5186-6172-7244-8401
Tie-Bars (wxh) 1360×1280

YH 1680

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 130-140-150-160
Shot Weight (g) 8330-9661-11090-12618
Tie-Bars (wxh) 1560×1480

YH 2280

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 150-160-170-180
Shot Weight (g) 12681-14429-16289-18261
Tie-Bars (wxh) 1820×1620

YH 2880

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 190-200-210-220
Shot Weight (g) 29630-32832-36197-39726
Tie-Bars (wxh) 2060×1780



Ningbo Yonghua Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1985, is a leading national high-tech enterprise specializing in plastic injection molding machines. As the vice president company of Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association,

Clamping Unit

The clamping unit uses a mechanism to open and close the mold, such as a toggle or hydraulic system. This mechanism is responsible for providing the necessary clamping force and ensuring precise alignment of the mold halves.

Hydraulic Unit

The hydraulic unit in an injection molding machine uses pressurized oil to power and control various functions such as clamping, injection, and movement of the machine.

Injection Unit

The Injection unit in an injection molding machine melts plastic material and injects it into the mold for proper filling and cooling to produce the final product, It is made up of a hopper, barrel, screw, nozzle, and a control system.

Control Unit

YongHua Cloud is a wireless communication system designed for high-response injection molding operations.