YH-II machine is upgraded to an injection linear guide design so that the machine operates more stably and has higher injection accuracy and injection speed. The injection part uses a linear guide rail structure, which is stable, efficient, and energy-saving.

It meets the requirements of high-precision product molding, improves injection speed and response, and significantly enhances molding quality and precision. An integrated computer, rated as “excellent” is used to comprehensively improve positioning accuracy and enhance overall operational stability.

YH II IMPORTANT FEATURES: Full System Standard Proportional back pressure valve. Roller Hopper Slide. The System Pressure is raised to 17.5MPA. Non-welding technology of main power piper. New graphite self-lubricating steel sleeve. Younghua standard appearance upgrade.

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YH 80 II 200H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 30-32-35
Shot Weight (g) 87-99-118
Tie-Bars (wxh) 325×310

YH 98 II 300H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 35-38-40
Shot Weight (g) 138-163-181
Tie-Bars (wxh) 380×370

YH 128 II 380H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 36-40-43
Shot Weight (g) 163-201-232
Tie-Bars (wxh) 410×410

YH 158 II 530H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 42-45-50
Shot Weight (g) 239-275-339
Tie-Bars (wxh) 440×440

YH 178 II 620H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 42-45-50
Shot Weight (g) 265-304-375
Tie-Bars (wxh) 470×470

YH 208 II 850H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 45-50-55
Shot Weight (g) 347-429-519
Tie-Bars (wxh) 520×520

YH 268 II 1300 H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 55-60-64
Shot Weight (g) 583-694-790
Tie-Bars (wxh) 580×580

YH 308 II 1450H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 55-60-64
Shot Weight (g) 594-707-805
Tie-Bars (wxh) 680×630

YH 358 II 1800H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 60-65-70
Shot Weight (g) 771-905-1050
Tie-Bars (wxh) 730×680

YH 408 II 2700H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 70-75-80
Shot Weight (g) 1225-1406-1600
Tie-Bars (wxh) 780×730

YH 488 II 3600H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 75-80-85
Shot Weight (g) 1567-1783-2013
Tie-Bars (wxh)  830×780

YH 568 II 4600H

Screw Model A-B-C
Screw Dia (mm) 80-85-90
Shot Weight (g) 1989-2245-2517
Tie-Bars (wxh) 880 x 830

YH 658 II 200H

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 85-90-95-100
Shot Weight (g) 2400-2691-2998-3322
Tie-Bars (wxh) 960 x 880

YH 788 II 6000H

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 90-95-105-110
Shot Weight (g) 2777-3095-3780-4149
Tie-Bars (wxh) 1060 x 980

YH 968 II 6900H

Screw Model A-B-C-D
Screw Dia (mm) 90-100-110-120
Shot Weight (g) 2895-3574-4324-5146
Tie-Bars (wxh) 1160×1080



Ningbo Yonghua Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1985, is a leading national high-tech enterprise specializing in plastic injection molding machines. As the vice president company of Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association,

Clamping Unit

The clamping unit uses a mechanism to open and close the mold, such as a toggle or hydraulic system. This mechanism is responsible for providing the necessary clamping force and ensuring precise alignment of the mold halves.

Hydraulic Unit

The hydraulic unit in an injection molding machine uses pressurized oil to power and control various functions such as clamping, injection, and movement of the machine.

Injection Unit

The Injection unit in an injection molding machine melts plastic material and injects it into the mold for proper filling and cooling to produce the final product, It is made up of a hopper, barrel, screw, nozzle, and a control system.

Control Unit

YongHua Cloud is a wireless communication system designed for high-response injection molding operations.