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HiTECH MACHINERY GENERAL TRADING L.L.C is a renowned distributor of premium quality plastic manufacturing machinery and equipment. Since 2015, we have been serving UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, other GCC countries, and Pakistan with distinction. Our product portfolio comprises a wide range of advanced solutions….

What We Do

Pet Perform &
Bottles Solution

HiTech simplifies pet preform and bottle manufacturing With Hassle-free machinery solutions.

Household Items

Innovative solutions for household items, enhancing convenience and functionality in daily living.

Thinwall Food

Advanced solutions for thin-wall food containers, optimizing storage and preservation with technology.

Pipe & Fittings

Comprehensive solutions for pipes and fittings, ensuring efficiency and durability in various applications.

Medical Plastic
Parts Solution

Precision solutions for medical plastic parts, meeting stringent standards for quality and safety.

Automotive Plastic
Parts Solution

Tailored solutions for automotive plastic parts, optimizing performance and reliability in manufacturing.

Most Selling Items

In addition to the aforementioned strategies, considering alternative solutions can open new avenues for problem-solving. Whether it’s embracing innovative technologies, fostering collaboration across disciplines, or experimenting with unconventional methods, exploring diverse approaches can lead to unexpected breakthroughs.

Extrusion Blow

Our machine is suitable to make 5ml to 1000L plastic bottles, drums, cans, containers, toolboxes, oil tanks, plastic pallets, and special-shaped auto parts with the material PE, PP, PVC, PETG, PS, EVA, PVDC, ABS, TPE, TPU, Etc.

Pipe Profile

In collaboration with Jinhu, HiTech Machinery provides advanced extrusion equipment for pipe profiles and sheet boards, ensuring precision and productivity.


HiTech Machinery and Huare unite for cutting-edge solutions and environmental impact in plastic manufacturing, fostering sustainability and a cleaner future.

APM Series

WE supplies a complete range of products such as high effi ciency permanent magnet variable speed air compressors, oil-free screw compressors,bearing free and magnetic centrifugal blowers.

ISBM Machine

Under the sirit of integirity and professionalism, HiTech provides better products and services. Our Mmachines and molds are of excellent quality.

IBM Machine

The horizontal injection system achieves stable plasticizing and easy operation.

Why Choose Us

HiTech Machinery core values represent where we are, how we treat each other; how we hold each other and how we deal with our customer. These values are the standard behavior by which HiTech Machinery conduct business. Building blocks of our code of conduct includes.

What We Do Better

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible solution to meet our clients needs and expectations.

Injection Molding

Precision machinery services for efficient and high-quality injection molding processes. Expert solutions provided.

Extrusion Blow

Premium Extrusion Blow Solutions: Precision-driven services for superior plastic manufacturing and efficient production excellence.

Extrusion Equipments

Our streamlined processes guarantee the production of high-quality plastic pipes, meeting industry standards with precision and reliability.

Auxliaries Machinery

Comprehensive Auxiliaries Machinery Services: Supporting seamless operations with top-notch solutions for enhanced production efficiency and performance.

Air Compressors

Reliable Air Compressor Services: Providing expert solutions for efficient and consistent compressed air systems, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Mold Testing

Precise Injection Mold Testing: Our expert service ensures thorough testing for flawless molds, guaranteeing top-notch quality in production processes.

Our Customer Base

Our clients are more than customers, they are our valued collaborators. We prioritize understanding your needs to deliver tailored solutions that drive success. Join us in shaping a future of mutual growth and achievement.

For Injection Molding

Unleash excellence in injection molding with our optimal choice
explore our 6 series: YH2, YH, YHS, YHSP, YE, and YU.

Clamping Unit

The clamping unit uses a mechanism to open and close the mold, such as a toggle or hydraulic system. This mechanism is responsible for providing the necessary clamping force and ensuring precise alignment of the mold halves.

Hydraulic Unit

The hydraulic unit in an injection molding machine uses pressurized oil to power and control various functions such as clamping, injection, and movement of the machine.

Injection Unit

The Injection unit in an injection molding machine melts plastic material and injects it into the mold for proper filling and cooling to produce the final product, It is made up of a hopper, barrel, screw, nozzle, and a control system.

Control Unit

YongHua Cloud is a wireless communication system designed for high-response injection molding operations.

Collaborative Allies

In our journey toward excellence, our partners play a pivotal role. Together, we forge powerful collaborations that drive innovation and success. With shared values and a commitment to mutual growth, our partnerships are the cornerstone of our achievements.