Pet Strech Blow Molding

We are pleased to offer state-of-the-art machinery for the production of PET bottles for a variety of industries, including water, juice, carbonated drinks, cooking oil, detergent, cosmetics, and medication. Our advanced auto PET blow molding machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind and have been shown to save over 40% of energy compared to traditional methods.

This results in significant cost savings for our clients, as well as a reduced environmental impact. Our machines are built to the highest standards of quality and performance and are backed by our commitment to superior customer service and support.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency and profitability of your PET bottle production, look no further than HiTech.

This series is widely used to produce containers for carbonated drinks, mineral water, edible oil, pesticides, and cosmetics, and also for making jars and hot filling containers. That container ranges from a 5-gallon bucket, lampshade to an eyes drop bottle.

Our high-quality, reliable machines are top sellers in over twenty provinces and are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Middle Asia, and South Africa. Clients consistently praise our machines and services.

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Manufacture your Desired Product

It’s suitable for producing bottles for carbonated drinks, mineral waterand others.


The HT-880 is a semi-automatic blow molding machine designed to meet CE standards, it has a microcomputer control system for precise and steady control of technical parameters, and is easy to operate. It’s suitable for producing bottles for carbonated drinks, mineral water, cosmetics, hot-filling, and oil bottles with handles.

This machine can produce a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes and is commonly used in the beverage industry for bottling water, soda, and other drinks.


  • Bottle Production Range: 0.1L to 6L (1 cavity).
  • High Output Capacity: Up to 850 for 0.1L with a two-cavity blow mold.
  • Bottle Production Range: 0.1L to 6L (1 cavity).
  • High Output Capacity: Up to 850 for 0.1L with a two-cavity blow mold.

Shape Your Product According To Needs

It’s suitable for producing bottles for carbonated drinks, mineral waterand others.

Injection Molded
Preform heated

Preform Secured
into Blow Mold

Preform Streched
with core Road

Preform inflates
to mold

Product is Removed
From Mold

Finished Product
Ready to Next Stage

Shape Your Product According To Needs

Each set of HT-880 is composed of two parts: blow unit and preform heater. They control the bottle blowing and preform heating accordingly.

The HT-880 stands out with its cutting-edge three-plate toggle clamping system, renowned for its reliability and durability. This innovative system ensures a formidable clamping force of up to 35 bars, making it ideal for high-pressure blowing applications. Moreover, its versatility shines through with effortless adjustments, facilitating seamless modifications to mold installation parameters to suit diverse production requirements. Whether it’s precision, power, or adaptability you seek, the HT-880 delivers excellence at every turn.

The HT-880 PET stretch blow molding machine is equipped with an array of auxiliary units, each designed to enhance performance and reliability. With an air storage unit ensuring consistent air pressure, a grease-lubricating unit minimizing wear, and a versatile multi-utilization air entry unit, this machine guarantees optimal operation in every aspect. Whether it’s stability, durability, or versatility you require, the HT-880 is engineered to deliver unmatched performance, ensuring seamless production processes and superior output quality.

Safety is paramount in the design of the HT-880, featuring twin startup switches positioned on both sides, necessitating simultaneous activation for operation. Complementing this, an emergency stop button is readily accessible, providing a swift and decisive means of halting operations if necessary. With these safety features in place, the HT-880 ensures peace of mind, allowing operators to focus on productivity without compromising on workplace safety.

Efficient Bottle Blow Unit

The HT 880 bottle blow unit ensures straightforward operation coupled with remarkable control precision. This unit is powered by a specially designed PLC control system, operated through a user-friendly soft touch pad. Achieving a time control precision of up to 0.01 second, the system oversees the entire bottle production process.

Superior Pneumatic System

The pneumatic unit, responsible for driving the machine and facilitating bottle blowing, boasts high quality and efficiency. The HT-880 is outfitted with components from the renowned brand Festo, guaranteeing reduced noise, energy conservation, and the production of top-notch quality output.

Bottles & Jar Manufacturing

Optimize your packaging needs with precision-controlled Bottles & Jar Manufacturing for versatile and efficient solutions.


Output (BPH) 0.1-2.5L:900/3-6L:380
No of Cavities 02
Total Power (KW) 06
S/B tie bars 280*500


Output (BPH) 0.1-2.5L:700/3-6L:380
No of Cavities 02
Total Power (KW) 06
S/B tie bars 380*500


Output (BPH) 0.1-2.5L:850/3-6L:380
No of Cavities 02
Total Power (KW) 15
S/B tie bars 480*450

Plastic & Rubber Auxiliary

HUARE has created its own brand and holds proprietary intellectual property rights. Additionally, the company maintains a leading domestic status in granulating & shredding, mold temperature controlling, dehumidifying & drying, material loading & mixing, central feeding systems, central cooling systems, and more. The company offers more than a dozen series of hundreds of products with different specifications and can provide professional system configuration schemes for individual customers.

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