Leshan K Series Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Leshan K Series Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

K Series Blow Molding Machine

LESHAN introduce the K series (economic) blow molding machine which can work with PE, PP, EVA and so on. K series blow molding machine adopts three working modes: manual, semi-automatic or automatic. Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical parts have imported components which makes them reliable and long-lasting.

Through analysis software for flow channel, precise die head ensures smoothly flow of molten plastic inside the channel. K-series blow molding machines have implemented optimized hydraulic system, fast carriage movement, efficient energy consumption, simplified parameter setting, changeable screw speed and invertor to control motor.

User can select blow molding machine with single head, double head, triple head, four head, six head and eight head. Blow molding machine can be customized with torpedo-type distributor or spider-type distributor. 45 degreed rotating blowing pin makes the possible to blow bottle with slanted/oblique mouth.

Movable blowing pin is suitable to blow the bottles whose mouth is not centered. Components of extruder section in blow molding machine include screw, barrel, temperature control, hopper seat, hopper, power device and die head.

Clamping section in blow molding machine has characteristics such as non-leakage design, longer service life, enhanced locking accuracy, stable movement and uniform speed.

Optional Extensions of Extrusion Blow Molding:

Like U-Series blow molding machine, user can customize K-Series blow molding machine with following extensions to increase the production performance of blow molding machine.

  • Thickness Control: for achieving less weight.
  • De-flasher: for automatically remove the burrs and tailings.
  • Scraper: for automatic removal of the spin dome and the flash
  • Robot: for picking the final product
  • Hoist: suitable for lifting molds
  • Pre-sealed Cutter: suitable for blowing wide products
  • Rotary pin Holder: suitable for blowing oblique products
  • Side Injection function: suitable for products without mouth, or product with 2 or more mouths in different directions.
  • In-Mold labeling: for sticking the label perfectly with the product heat.


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