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manufacturing paint bucket for sale

Manufacturing paint bucket with in-mould-labelling is spreading quickly due to its series of advantages. The In-Mould-Labelling is the technology in which two processes, plastic moulding and labelling processe, are performed simultaneously. The basic principle of manufacturing paint bucket (or any plastic item) with IML (In-Mould-Labelling) is that label is placed in the mould, by using high speed IML robot. After that, molten plastic is injected in the mould. Once the paint bucket (or any plastic item) has cold and solid, that label will become an integral part of the product. In-Mould-Labelling allow the integerated visual effect and a high quality graphic resolution.

Why Only Hi-tech Plastics Engineering?:

  • Single Source Provider: You can get a range of options and can select best one.
  • Consulting Specialists: They can help you determine the most effective equipment to increase your production throughput.
  • Technical Assistance & Support: Hitech Plastics Engineering’s dedication to your project does not stop after installation. Our professionals are always ready to relieve burden from your shoulder and provide support even after office hours.
  • Deals in World-Known Brands: As a authorized dealer of renowned brands, Hitech Plastics Engineering guarantee all equipment.

Servo Hybrid Injection Moulding Machine

Manufacturing Paint Bucket with High Quality Servo Injection Moulding Machine

Injection Blow Molding Machine for Paint Bucket manufacturing

  • Suitable Machine: 308 Ton
  • Cycle Time: 18-20 seconds
  • Mold Base: S50
  • Mold Core: P20
  • Mold Cavity: P20
  • Mold Life: 3,000,000 shots
  • Ready Stock Molds:
    • 2.5 Litter Paint Bucket with lid and handle
    • 5 Litter Paint Bucket with lid and handle
    • 10 Litter Paint Bucket with lid and handle
    • 16 Litter Paint Bucket with lid and handle

High speed plastic basket Servo Hybrid Injection moulding machine for sale

Yangsen Robot and In-Mould-Labeling Solution

For In-Mould-Labeling the Paint Bucket with High Speed and Accuracy
Yangsen Robot and In mould labelling IML solution

Yangsen Robot & IML Solution

  • 3 Servo Driven Take Out Robot
  • Fixture
  • Label Cassette
  • Product-Fetching Robot
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Conveyor


   Servo MotorMitsubishiJapan
  Servo DriverMitsubishiJapan
  Switching Power SupplyMWTaiwan
  Magnetic Induction SwitchUNUO/KITA/LydtekTaiwan
  Proximity SwitchOMRON/FOTEKJapan/Taiwan
  Towline cableTAIYOJapan
  Pneumatic Components
  Air Cylinder – Vertical StrokeFONTAL/UNIQUCTaiwan
  Air Cylinder – Crosswise StrokeFONTAL/UNIQUC/HINAKATaiwan
  Air Cylinder – Swing StrokeFesto/AIRTACGerman/Taiwan
  Vacuum SwitchDELTA/KITATaiwan
  Electromagnetic ValveMindman/TPCTaiwan
  Air TubeN&PTaiwan
  Mechanical parts
  Static Electricity GeneratorBECKERGerman
  Safety Door LockSICKGerman
  Synchronous BeltElatechItaly
  Oil BufferCJACTaiwan
  Linear GuidePMI/HiwinTaiwan
  Ball BearingMSK/NTNJapan
  Base / Structural BeamsYangsenChina

Auxiliary Machinery

Boost your production in efficient way by using recommended auxiliary machines

Vacuum Auto Loader

industrial chiller

Industrial Chiller

Raw Material Collection Bin

Raw Material Collection Bin

HHS Plastic Mixer

Plastic Color Mixer

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