Thin Wall Items Manufacturing Machine

Thin Wall Items Manufacturing Machine

HiTech Machinery is a renowned “One Stop Shop” for all your machine requirements regarding manufacturing thin-wall food containers. To meet growing customer demands for thin-wall food containers, we offer you a complete turnkey solution that adopts the latest technology as well as it can reduce overall production costs. Believing on the quote, “TIME IS THE BIGGEST COST”, we provide high speed thin-wall injection molding machine which has cycle time 4-6 seconds. In a highly competitive marketplace, consumers don’t just want a quality thin-wall food container, they want a customized thin-wall food container for Eco-friendly packaging. Our in-house experts work hard to ensure that the entire process, from initial customer contact all the way through to final delivery, is assured to carry out in the most efficient manner as much as possible. Customers accept us because of our quality assurance. You dream of manufacturing a thin-wall food container, HiTECH PLASTICS ENGINEERING makes it reality! Click here for project cost.

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of thin-wall food container production lines, the company has installed the following production lines nationwide:

  1. Production line for 250ML thin-wall box
  2. Production line for 500ML thin-wall box
  3. Production line for 750ML thin-wall box
  4. Production line for 1000ML thin-wall box

It doesn’t matter which size of thin-wall box container you want to produce, HiTECH PLASTICS ENGINEERING has precisely the right technologies for you. HITECH PLASTICS ENGINEERING’s turnkey services involve the following:

  1. Planning
  2. Site survey
  3. On-site logistics
  4. End-to-end installations
  5. Documentation

High Speed Thin-Wall Servo Hybrid Injection Moulding Machine

Manufacturing Disposable Plastic Products with High Speed and Energy Efficient Machine

High Speed Thin-Wall Injection Molding Machine

  • Injection Weight: 357 g to 815 g
  • Space Between Tie Bars (mm): 565*565 to 810*780
  • EST Controller with Languages
  • High Performance Servo and Pump Motors
  • Italian INOVA Computer
  • Multiple sets of Servo Oil Pumps or Energy Accumulator Combination Oil way
  • High Precise Linear Guide Rail Structure
  • Dedicated High-Speed Charging Motor

Click Here for other parameters of the thin wall injection molding machine.

Thin-Wall Moulds
Specifications 268 Ton 358 Ton 428 Ton
Product Weight As per customer requirement As per customer requirement As per customer requirement
No. of Cavities (250ml Ractangular box) 4 8 8
No. of Cavities (500ml Ractangular box) 2 6 8
No. of Cavities (750ml Ractangular box) 2 6 8
No. of Cavities (1000ml Ractangular box) 2 4 6
No. of Cavities (500 / 750 / 1000ml Ractangular Lid) 2 4 6
Mold Material 2344 2344 2344
Hardness (HRC) 45-48  45-48  45-48
Cycle Time (seconds) 5.5 to 6.6 5.5 to 6.6 5.5 to 6.6
Type Hot Runner Hot Runner Hot Runner

Auxiliary Machinery

Boost your production in efficient way by using recommended auxiliary machines

Vacuum Auto Loader

Industrial Chiller

Raw Material Collection Bin

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