Double Color Toothbrush Manufacturing

Toothbrush manufacturing solution

We feel proud to announce that, in recognition of our excellent quality and high equipment standards, Hitech Plastics Engineering engaged in distributing production plant for variety of plastic items with round-the-clock emergency response 365 days-a-year.

Why Only Hi-tech Plastics Engineering?:

  • Single Source Provider: You can get a range of options and can select best one.
  • Consulting Specialists: They can help you determine the most effective equipment to increase your production throughput.
  • Technical Assistance & Support: Hitech Plastics Engineering’s dedication to your project does not stop after installation. Our professionals are always ready to relieve burden from your shoulder and provide support even after office hours.
  • Deals in World-Known Brands: As a authorized dealer of renowned brands, Hitech Plastics Engineering guarantee all equipment.

Double Color Injection Moulding Machine

Manufacturing Double Color Toothbrush with High Quality Servo Injection Moulding Machine
Double color injection molding machine | manufacturing double color toothbrush
Double Color Toothbrush Mould

Double Color Injection Molding Machine

  • Servo system
  • Screw platen
  • Rotating platen
  • 2 groups air valves & 2 groups core pulling
  • Oil level alarm
  • Self-lock suction oil filter

Mould Features:

  • Double Color Mold 12 cavity
  • Cycle Time: 20-30 seconds
  • Production Capacity: 35000 – 50000 pcs per day
   Clamping Unit
   Clamping ForceKN2800
   Clamping Strokemm490
   Tie Bar Distancemm920*570
   Max. Mould Heightmm520
   Min. Mould Heightmm200
   Eject Strokemm130
   Eject ForceKN34
   No. of Ejector PinsPcs3+3
   Rotation Platen Diametermm1000
   Injection Unit
   Screw Diametermm3825
   Screw L/D ratio2022
   Shot Size(Theoretical)cm319862
   Injection Weight (PS)g18156
   Injection PressureMPa189309
   Injection Rate into Airg/s11470
   Injection Strokemm175143
   Injection Speedmm/s101126
   Screw Rotation Speedrpm218304
   Max. pump pressureMPa17.517.5
   Pump Power MotorKW13+1313+13
   Heater PowerKW6.64.5
   Hopper capacitykg2525
   Oil tank capacityL350350

Double Color Tufting Machine

Apply Bristle / Tufts with High Speed Tufting Machine
High Speed Double Color Tufting Machine

High Speed Double Color Tufting Machine

  • Operating Speed 850 r/min
  • Taiwan linear guide rail system
  • Fuji, Japan electronic control system
  • Stuffing holes diameter: 1.2-3.1 mm (special Diameter can be customized) | Distance of Holes Jumping is 8 mm.
  • Control computer can store more than 500 kinds of toothbrush variety data.
  • Unique mechanical motion parts with precise positioning
   Tufting Machine
   Power InputAC single Phase 220V 3KW
   Air Consumption0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
   Machine Size (mm)1220 * 880 * 1340
   Packing Size (mm)1400 * 1200 * 1600
   Gross Weight750 KG
   Position Accuracy0.02mm/100mm
   Tufting Speed850 holes per minute
   Tufting Length10-15 mm
   Dia of Tufting Holesφ 1.2 ~ 3.0 mm

Auxiliary Machinery

Boost your production in efficient way by using recommended auxiliary machines

Vacuum Auto Loader

industrial chiller

Industrial Chiller

Raw Material Collection Bin

Raw Material Collection Bin

HHS Plastic Mixer

Plastic Color Mixer


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