Electronic Parts Manufacturing

Electronics parts manufacturing industry has continued to grow at a fast pace since the past few years. Revenue in electronic parts manufacturing industry is projected to reach US $570m in 2021. This is expected to increase to US $672 by 2025. In Pakistan, user consumption of electronic parts will be 5.6% in 2021 and is expected to reach 7.7% by 2025. So, the average revenue generated by per user is expected to US $44.93.

As one of the leading turnkey solution provider, Hitech Plastics Engineering always striving to introduce innovative solution so that customer can achieve results more than expectations. Consider us your one-stop-shop, sure to meet your needs of electronics parts manufacturing industry.

Why Only Hi-tech Plastics Engineering?:

  • Single Source Provider: You can get a range of options and can select best one.
  • Consulting Specialists: They can help you determine the most effective equipment to increase your production throughput.
  • Technical Assistance & Support: Hitech Plastics Engineering’s dedication to your project does not stop after installation. Our professionals are always ready to relieve burden from your shoulder and provide support even after office hours.
  • Deals in World-Known Brands: As a authorized dealer of renowned brands, Hitech Plastics Engineering guarantee all equipment.

Servo Hybrid Injection Moulding Machine

Electronic Parts Manufacturing with High Quality Servo Injection Moulding Machine

Injection Blow Molding Machine for Electronic Parts manufacturing

  • Suitable Machine: 98 Ton to 968 Ton [depend on electronic part’s dimension and weight]
  • Efficient Cycle Time
  • Mold Base: S50
  • Mold Core: P20
  • Mold Cavity: P20
  • Mold Life: 200,000 shots
  • Ready Stock Molds:
    • Plastic Fan Blade Mould
    • Plastic Switch Board Mould

Auxiliary Machinery

Boost your production in efficient way by using recommended auxiliary machines

Vacuum Auto Loader

Industrial Chiller

Raw Material Collection Bin

Plastic Color Mixer

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