High Tech-600HH High Speed Injection Moulding Machine

High Tech high-speed injection moulding machine is designed for high quality and efficiency of plastics production. Faster, more precise molding, lower energy consumption and comprehensive safety, that makes the High Tech high speed injection moulding machine popular among our customers. Here list the High Tech-600HH injection machine for an example to help you learning more about our superior high speed injection machine.

Highlights of High Tech-600HH

The High Tech 600HH is designed for maximum output at the stable high-speed injection molding.

– Shorter Cycle Time thanks to high injection speed, quick response, three parallel movements

– Precise Controlling such as the advance controller from Europe, precision servo-valve

– Lower Energy Consumption as the high-response servo system, saving around 30% – 70%

– Stable Running like less machine jitter and noise

– Comprehensive Safety from mechanical, hydraulic, electrical unit

High Production Capacity Case – Video (out of the High Tech YouTube Channel)

It’s a video showing that High Tech 600HH high speed injection machine for Plastic Paint Pail Injection Molding – produces one 20L plastic paint bucket with In Mold Labeling (IML) in a cycle time of 15 seconds!

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