High Tech Plastic PET Preform Molding Machine

High Tech has offered high quality molding machine since 1992, we have more than 20 years experience of Plastic Injection Molding Machine especialized in PET molding machine manufacturing.Till now, PET preform machine had already improved to third generation which special for high speed running and 1500 lines Preform injection molding lines have successfully shipped to customers with high reputation and highly recommendations.

Check that how High Tech provides high quality PET Preform turnkey solutions

What is the difference between Servo Motor machine and PET special Machine,Pls check the points as the following:

-We have adopts PET special screw for PET special machine;

-Bigger injection capacity to meet PET injection shot weight requirement,normally PET preform molds do not need high clamping force while big machine injection weight is needed.

-Enlarged servo system to support big injection shot weight.

-Enlarged plasticizing motor for machine bigger torque to meet PET material special characteristic;

-Enlarged motor,oil pump,servo motor and servo driver to control the production cycle time.

High Tech offer multi-cavities Preform Molding Production Line,including PET preform molding machine,PET preform mould and auxiliaries equipment, which can help you profit in the shortest time.

For more excellent plastic PET preform turnkey solution? Please feel free to contact us, High Tech will offer you the best solution.

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