PET Bottle Manufacturing Machine

We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading authorized distributor for PET bottle manufacturing machine, including preform manufacturing machine, lid manufacturing machine and blow molding machine with wide range of preform molds, lid molds, blow shell molds and all recommended auxiliary machines.

Plastic PET Bottle Manufacturing Machinery

Hitech Plastics Engineering offers high speed PET special injection molding machines.

Injection Blow Molding Machine for PET Bottle or PET Jar Manufacturing

Before selection of suitable machine for manufacturing PET preforms, do some basic working.

  1. Determine neck size and weight of preform, that you are going to manufacture. Basic Calculation: [Required space between tie-bars = neck size * no. of cavities you want] and [Required injection weight = weight of your sample preform * no. of cavities you want]. After you have calculated the required space between tie-bars and injection weight, find out injection machine which is best suitable for you.
  2. What will be the mold type, short-tail mold or valve-gate mold? Valve-gate mold is expensive as compared to short-tail mold, however, valve gate mold has no waste material.
Short Tail PET Preform Mold valve gate PET prefom mold
Short-Tail Mold Valve Gate Mold

Choose Suitable Machine for PET Preform

Auxiliary Machinery

Boost your production in efficient way by using recommended auxiliary machines.

Honeycomb Dehumidifier

  • HD-200F

Special Morse Connection

Hopper Dryer

  • HHD-300ET

Vacuum Auto Loader

  • HAL-300GN

Industrial Chiller

  • HC-12ACI


  • HHS-400

High Pressure Air Compressor

  • 3.0 MPa & 15 KW (20 HP)

Air Dryer

  • FG-40AC

Conveyor Belt

  • Length: 3 meter
  • Width: 40 cm

Injection Molding Machine for Caps/Handles

Injection Molding Machine for Caps / handles of PET Bottles / Jars

First of all, determine the weight and dimensions of caps / handles that you want to manufacture. Then look for the best suitable machine that can fulfill your production demand.

Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

Blow your PET container with World-Known Brand MEGA

Automatic Reheat Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Having blowing capacity up to 11000 bottles per hour

Semi-Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Having blowing capacity up to 2800 bottles per hour

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