Shangair high pressure air compressor for sale
Shangair high pressure air compressor for sale

Shangair Air Compressor

Air compressors are using in approximately every industry. As Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C is committed to provide high quality reciprocating air compressor, so the company offers Shangair high quality reciprocating air compressors.

Why High-Quality Air Compressor?

It has tangible benefits such as low impact on the valve plate by the air flow, low flow resistance, long working life and low noise level. Typical applications of Shangair’s reciprocating air compressor is hydropower station, PET bottle blowing, leakage detection and war industry etc.

Energy Consumption

Shangair’s air compressor ensures high efficiency and low energy consumption. The valve in air compressor is made from the stainless-steel belt imported from Sweden. Redundancy design concept guarantees the reliable and safe operation of the air compressor.


Multi-protection measures are also implemented in the Shangair’s air compressor which include under voltage, loss of phase, discharge of load, air discharge, drainage while stop running and startup under the condition pressure is zero. Totally automatic flow rates can be adjusted.

Air compressor is capable to drain the water automatically while discharging. The remaining air between the different levels is discharged which ensure the air compressor is started up with no load each time. Periodical drainage valve facilitates the adjustable drainage intervals and time point of drainage.


Low discharge temperature is obtained up to 15 – 20 deg C at the outlet, as it is treated by the sub-cooler. The oil consumption per hour is less than 0.17g/KW. Shangair’s medium pressure air compressors for the bottle blowing have features like low speed, heavy duty, long durability and energy saving.

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