Piston Air Compressor

NANJING SHANGAIR is a leading high-technology enterprise specializing in research, development, manufacturing, and sales of high-quality reciprocating and screw air compressors under the brand “shanghai.” With patented technologies and advanced manufacturing processes, Shangair’s products meet or exceed global standards.

They ensure quality through advanced equipment and a modern Quality Management system. HiTech Machinery is the exclusive distributor of Shangair’s piston air compressors, offering superior products, compressed air cleaning systems, and timely technical support nationwide.

Smart Energy Saving Air Compressor Energy Management and Control Internet Service platform.

Shangairs Patented Technology

Shangair patented technology “Polygon Cylindrical Straight Flow Valve,
(Patent Number: 00220347.2).
The valve plate is free from fracture during its working life!

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Recognition and Validation

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Exploring Diverse Use Cases

Piston screw air compressors are used in a wide range of industries for various applications. Some of the industries where piston screw air compressors are commonly used include:

High-Quality Components
and Safety Features

he compressor is built with a durable stainless steel belt valve and incorporates redundancy design and multi-protection measures for safe operation. It offers automatic flow rate adjustment, periodical drainage, and maintains a low discharge temperature. With low oil consumption, it ensures high reliability and cost-effective operation.

Shanair patent cylindrical direct flow- valve. the valve plate is free from fracture during its working life.
The piston applies the integral cast chromium planting ring the working life is extended by 3 to 4 times.
Heavy duty cast iron piston
The whole unit adopts rolling bearing without bearing shell (comprising connecting rod)
Shanair unique compressor dynamic balancing technology. The vibration is only as a quarter of the world standard.
Induction low oil level protection device
Integrated low-side suction & noise reduction filtering system
Suction diaphragm valve (air and electric adjusting combination)

Air Compressor Model

Introducing our High-Pressure Air Compressor series, delivering 6.0mᶾ/min air discharge at 4.0Mpa pressure with a 67KW motor running at 630r/min. Weighing 1850KG and measuring 2500 x 2250 x 2000 mm, these compressors are powerful yet compact, perfect for industrial applications requiring high-pressure air. Built for reliability and efficiency, our compressors ensure consistent performance, making them ideal for various industries.

Model: 6.0/8/40
Air Discharge: 6.0mᶾ/min
Pressure: 4.0Mpa
Motor Power: 67KW
Running Speed: 630r/min
Weight: 1850KG
Dimensions Package: 2500 x 2250 x 2000 (mm)

Piston Air Compressor Model

Introducing the SHANGAIR High-Pressure Piston Air Compressor Series, designed to meet your industrial air compression needs with exceptional performance and reliability. Model WH-1.2/30 boasts a formidable F.A.D (Free Air Delivery) of 1.2 M3/min, ensuring a steady supply of compressed air. With a pressure rating of 3.0 MPa and powered by a robust 15 kW motor, this compressor delivers power where it’s needed most. Whether you’re operating pneumatic tools, machinery, or pneumatic systems, the SHANGAIR High-Pressure Piston Air Compressor Series is your trusted companion for efficiency and productivity.

Model: (WH-1.2/30)
F.A.D: (1.2 M3/min)
Pressure: (3.0 MPa)
Power: (15 kw)

Air Compressor Model

Introducing our medium-pressure air compressor, model 09SH, designed for efficiency and performance in industrial applications. With a robust 3-09SH-1840T model number, this compressor delivers a reliable 4.8 Nm3/min air discharge at 4.0 Mpa discharge pressure. Featuring three levels of compression and powered by three 18.5 KW motors, this compressor runs at a smooth 730 r.p.m. Despite its power, it’s compact and easy to handle, weighing just 1750 KG and measuring 3462x1100x1600 mm. Trust our medium-pressure air compressor for consistent and reliable performance in your operations.

Model No: 3-09SH-1840T Nm3/min
Air Discharge: 4.8 Mpa
Discharge Pressure: 4.0
Levels of Compression: 3
Motor Power (KW): 18.5×3
Running Speed: 730 r.p.m
Weight : 1750 KG
Size (LxWxH): 3462x1100x1600 mm

360° Services System

HiTech Machinery offers comprehensive 360° services for customer equipment throughout its lifetime. This includes implementing IoT technology, intelligent analysis, dynamic maintenance, and equipment coordination. We also provide intelligent manufacturing services aimed at helping our customers achieve higher efficiency.

lOT System

Data Collection

Operation Monitoring

Statistic & Analysis


Technology service:

HiTech Machinery takes pride in assisting our customers and is committed to solving all equipment and technology-related issues within 24 hours, whether before, after, or during your purchase. Our consultation and services are provided free of charge. After a successful trial operation, our after-sales engineers will provide regular training to your operators. During the warranty period, if your equipment experiences any breakdowns, our head office will provide support.