Fomida Air dryer
Fomida Air dryer

Fomida Air Dryer

Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C offers wide range of refrigerated compressed air dryer and absorption compressed air dryer in cooperation with the world-known brand FOMIDA.

Refrigerated compressed air dryer is used to dry the compressed air. As compressed air always contains water, so it is recommended to dry the air to protect your tools, piping and equipment. Refrigerated compressed air dryers have simple design, are cheap and need very little maintenance. Operating principle of a refrigerated compressed air dryer is to cool down the air (like a refrigerator). The warm wet compressed air enters the dryer, where it is cooled down to about 3 deg C. All water vapor exist in compressed air condenses into water and is drained off. After moisture separation, the cold air is re-heated to room temperature by using air-to-air heat exchanger. The outgoing compressed air leaving the dryer has a pressure dew point of 35o F to 40o F.
Absorption compressed air dryer have two or three towers (pressure vessels). Towers of absorption air dryer absorbs the moisture of compressed air by using absorbent materials like silica gel, activated alumina, molecular mesh or any other absorbent materials. The compressed air passes through these absorbent materials contained in these pressure vessels and these absorbent materials absorb water from the compressed air. In absorption compressed air dryers, the dew point is about -40o C.

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