Advanced Laser Technology Solutions

HiTech Machinery specializes in advanced laser technology solutions. Our Fiber Laser Series is designed for precision etching and marking on various metals and plastics. Additionally, our CO2 laser is ideal for marking organic materials like wood, plastic, and glass.

The Fiber Laser Series offers high-speed marking and versatile capabilities, while the CO2 laser provides fast and precise marking controlled by software.

Laser Markeing Solution


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Ensuring Higher Strength & Durability

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Higher Strength
& Durability

Efficient, Precise, & Reliable

HiTech Machinery’s laser marking technologies offer a versatile solution for various applications across industries. From metal and plastic marking to glass etching and wood marking, our systems provide efficient, precise, and reliable performance. Additionally, we excel in producing barcodes, serial numbers, and other markings essential for tracking and identification purposes. Experience the flexibility and quality of our laser marking solutions for your industrial needs.

Plastic Marking

Metal Marking

Glass Marking

Wood Marking

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Fiber & co2 Laser Markeing

Unbeatable Flexibility

The parameters of our marking laser can be adjusted independently, offering you the flexibility to change pulse frequency or energy. This capability allows for energy conservation and ensures that you can achieve the desired marking effects with ease.

Enhance Your Efficiency

Our laser markers feature a dynamic magnetic structure for the galvanometer motor, ensuring excellent stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed, and high interference resistance. With an engraving speed surpassing competitors, our machines offer the most efficient production, highest throughput, and greatest profitability with impeccable quality.

Faster and More Precise Performance

We employ geometric optics in our laser marking machines to ensure faster autofocus performance, enabling swift labeling and error avoidance. By emitting a short light burst towards the sensor, we accurately measure the time it takes to reach the target object and return. Through contrast testing, our laser has proven faster autofocus speed, ensuring efficient operations.

Uncompromised Eye Protection

Our fully enclosed protective cover reduces the risk of visual impairment, as it is made of durable material and utilizes patented technology. Additionally, our marking lasers feature intelligent control functions that not only enable accurate aiming but also improve user safety by reducing glare and controlling laser volume.

Fiber Laser Printer

Our Fiber Laser Series is the ultimate solution for etching and marking all types of bare metals and plastics. You can easily set up your job by printing directly to the laser from any graphic software program, and even etch an entire table full of pans at one time. Our laser machine can directly engrave on most metals, mark engineered plastics with your logo, and even produce barcodes, serial numbers, and ID images. Our Fiber Laser Series is a truly unique product in the metal and plastic marking industry. The flying-optic design combined with the highest quality engraving results provides a one-of-a-kind solution for your metal marking and engraving needs.

Features of our Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • A wide variety of materials can be marked, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramics, and some plastics.
  • Long laser life of 100,000 hours to reduce costs and production downtime.
  • Small 19″ rack mount footprint for easy integration with other equipment and assembly lines.
  • 110mm square mark field with other sizes available.
  • No consumables, minimal maintenance, and an integrated safety shutter for added safety.

Fiber Laser Printer

Co2 Laser Printer

The CO2 laser is a fast and precise gas laser that’s great for marking organic materials like wood, plastic, and glass. It’s controlled by software on a PC, and the laser beam is directed by a scan head to create the desired markings. The process from laser to output is quick, taking just a few seconds.

Features of our C02 Laser Markeing machine


  • Compact and low maintenance.
  • Easy operation.
  • Supports a variety of file formats.


  • A powerhouse of versatility.
  • High-precision marking up to 2 mm deep.
  • Supports all characters, numbers, codes & graphics.


  • Ideal for harsh environments.
  • Superb quality glass laser tube.
  • Glass laser tube is easily replaceable.


  • Efficient water cooling system.
  • High-speed flow pump for working stability.
  • Aluminum alloy lifting work table for safety.

Co2 Laser Printer

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