Leshan U Series Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Leshan Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

U Series Blow Molding Machine

LESHAN offers the U series (linear guide rail) HDPE blow molding machine which can work with PE, PP, EVA and so on.

These HDPE blow molding machines are equipped with exclusive screw and die head which is suitable for different requirements. SIEMENS HMI (TP770) touch screen and computer make the operation of HDPE blow molding machine more convenient.

Effective energy consumption is ensured by the permanent magnet brushless motor which is adopted by the LESHAN  HDPE blow molding machine. U series HDPE blow molding machine has unique characteristics such as optimized design of the hydraulic circuit, scissors toggle clamping system, central force clamping plate, strong clamping force and use of imported components in the pneumatic system.

Hydraulic system and electrical control components. Platform lifting function makes the machine suitable for different height of mold and different blow molding process requirement. Moreover, key features of U series HDPE blow molding machine include:

  • Touch screen helps to set the thickness curve numerical for the final product.
  • Control the length for multiple parison in balance.
  • Ensure vertical and balance parisons come from multiple die head
  • Air circulation system is adopted by the blow pin, which improve the production efficiency by reducing the cooling time.
  • Location of blow pin can be adjusted according to different bottles or different bottle distance.
  • Due to high precision linear guide rail, U-Series HDPE blow molding machine is suitable for high frequency production.

To increase the efficiency of blow molding machine, optional functions can be added to the blow molding process, like

  • Thickness Control: for achieving less weight.
  • De-flasher: for automatically remove the burrs and tailings.
  • Scraper: for automatic removal of the spin dome and the flash
  • Robot: for picking the final product
  • Hoist: suitable for lifting molds
  • Pre-sealed Cutter: suitable for blowing wide products
  • Rotary pin Holder: suitable for blowing oblique products
  • Side Injection function: suitable for products without mouth, or product with 2 or more mouths in different directions.
  • In-Mold labeling: for sticking the label perfectly with the product heat.


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