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Fiber and CO2 laser marking engraving machine

Laser Marking Machine

Laser Cooding Machine is used for a permanent marking in the form of plain text, codes or shapes. In laser marking process, laser light is used to engrave an object. Laser Cooding technology does not involve the use of inks. HiTech Machinery General Trading L.L.C offers fiber laser Cooding machine and Co2 laser cooding machine to cover the all types of industries.

Fiber Laser Cooding Machine

Core principle of fiber laser Cooding machine is that it uses fiber laser source, the wavelength is 1064nm. Fiber laser Cooding machine is suitable for marking on metal and non-metal materials including high hardness alloy, plastics, aluminum oxide etc. Fiber laser Cooding machine is energy efficient and has high speed and long lifetime of laser source (around 100,000 hours). As compared to other laser Cooding machines, HiTech Machinery General Trading L.L.C fiber laser Cooding machine has high-quality laser beam and is flexible for use.

Co2 Laser Cooding Machine

Unlike fiber laser Cooding  machine, the Co2  uses a gas laser source, the wavelength is 10.64 µm. Co2 laser is suitable for marking on nonmetal materials including leather, acrylic glass, paper, fabric, woolens, plastic, crystal and wood etc. Co2 laser Cooding machine has characteristics of high-speed marking, efficiently marking on larger objects and longer lifespan up to 200,000 hours to 300,000 hours


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