Mega Automatic blow moulding machine for sale
Mega Automatic blow moulding machine for sale

RB Series Rotary Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Latest designed RB series rotary stretch blow molding machine is developed by Mega Machinery.

Latest RB series requires less power due to a closer pitch at the pre-heater.

Due to improved kinematics of rotary stretch blow molding machine, machine can produce 0.5 L water bottle at the rate of 1,800 bottles per hour.

Linear oven of stretch blow molding machine is equipped with turning 180oC, super small pitch and unique oven ventilation design.

Preform and bottle transfer wheel ensures the reliability of the movement by using double cam telescopic gripper system.

Shell blow mould design is adopted by the mould carriers, which guarantees less changeover time for different blow moulds.

Blowing station of blow moulding machine ensure the protection of bottle neck during blowing by using special designed sealing unit.

Infrared thermometer can be installed for automatically temperature detection of preforms and adjusting oven temperature accordingly.


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