MG-880 blow moulding machine for sale
Semi automatic MG-880 blow moulding machine for sale

MG-880 Blow Molding Machine

As Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C fulfills the market need in all aspects including large production rate, low energy consumption, small PET bottles, large volume PET bottles and wide mouth PET containers by offering wide range of automatic blow molding machines and semi-automatic blow molding machines. Only one person can operate MG-880 blow molding machine easily and more safety. MG-880 blow molding machine is ideal to blow mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, hot-filling bottles and cosmetics bottles.

There are two units in MG-880, blow unit and preform heater. In bottle blow unit, PLC control system controls the bottle production process with time control precision up to 0.01 second. High quality pneumatic unit provides power for machine movement including machine driving and bottle blowing as well as imported components reduce the noise, save energy and produce high quality bottles. Like MG-90 PET blow molding machine, MG-880 semi-automatic blow molding machine adopts reliable designed three-plate toggle clamping system which ensure powerful clamping force. MG-880 semi-automatic blow molding machine has independent heating control system for each heating zone through which user can control the voltage of each heating lamps. Air-cooling and water-cooling devices are implemented in preform heater to remove the remained heat on preform loader and prevent deformation of preform neck. Width and height of heating channels can be changed easily through multi-adjusting device (placed on the preform heater) according to the different neck height and neck size.


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