fruit basket servo injection moulding machine for sale
fruit basket servo injection moulding machine for sale

High Speed Thin Wall Injection Molding Machine with Robot

PP thin-wall injection moulding Machine is creating unprecedented market opportunities for the packaging industry. It has become the mainstream material for making disposable lunch boxes due to its unique characteristics, such as good heat resistant, impact-resistant, easy to process and low cost. PP thin-wall injection moulding is widely used in food containers, stationery, medicine boxes and cosmetics.

Current Status

Now a days due to the high demand of thin-wall injection-moulding machine, Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C offers high-speed thin-wall injection moulding machine series that adopts the advanced hydraulic system. This special series of injection moulding machine owns a short cycle period and high efficiency.

More stable and smooth operation is ensured by the enhanced rigidity, improved strength, brand new 3-platen clamping design and a more perfect organization structure. The high-speed low-pressure injection has improved production efficiency of thin-wall products. Injection unit of this special series has a unique cylinder injection, more stable and faster injection rate. Injection acceleration and movement are improved by a special oil-circuit embedded design.


Injection unit of UWA Tongyong thin wall lunch box dedicated injection moulding machine has value advantages on other traditional machines by adopting European advanced single-cylinder injection technology with fast injection response, high precision, accurate control injection end, high length-diameter screw and fast blanking speed barrel charging.

Other Features

Moreover, this special series has multiple sets of servo motor oil pump with compound oil ways. The melt motor adopts dedicated high-speed motor design to guarantee service life. UWA TONGYONG high-speed thin-wall lunch box dedicated injection moulding machine is equipped with Dedicated Italian high-quality INOVA computer and contractor & travel switch of imported brands including Schneider and Omron.

Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C is comprehensively Provides different auxiliary equipment including Robot with IML Solution (In-Mould Labeling), Molds range, Mold Temperature Controller, Chillers, Hopper dryer, AutoLoader and Crushers of world-known brands.


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