Hengda low and high pressure air compressor
Hengda low and high pressure air compressor

Hengda Air Compressor

HENGDA’s high-pressure reciprocating (Piston Type) air compressors use pistons which move in up-down direction inside a cylinder by a crankshaft to compress. As the piston moves down, the air enters into the chamber of the cylinder through suction valves. When the piston moves up, the compression of the air starts and its pressure begin to increase. When the pressure inside the cylinder exceeds than the pressure of the discharge valve, the discharge/delivery valve opens and the compressed air is delivered to a receiver (air storage tank) where it can be utilized for the work. One-way valves in piston-type air compressor make sure that sucked-in air cannot escape as well as compressed air cannot flow back when the piston moves down again. Air compressor in which entire compression is carried out in a single cylinder is called single-stage reciprocating air compressor. If you need more high compressed air, then you can use double-stage reciprocating air compressor in which air compression takes place in two stages. Basic operating process of double-stage reciprocating air compressor is that air is first compressed in one cylinder, after that this compressed air is transferred to the second cylinder for further compression. Finally, the compressed air is delivered in storage tank.

There are many moving parts in piston-type air compressor including piston, piston ring, crankshaft, connecting rod etc. causing wear and tear. Contacting of piston rings against the cylinder walls causes to generate friction and internal temperature rises around 150-200 deg C. These two reasons make the piston-type air compressor suitable for intermittent use only.

Typical applications of HENGDA range of high-pressure air-cooled reciprocating air compressors include workshops and small factories where the air demand is not continuous or not too high. One specialty application of piston compressor is the blowing bottles made of PET. Advantages of using piston-type air compressor include relatively cheap, easy maintenance and suitable for high pressures. Disadvantages are high noise levels (100 db-A), no oil separation system and wear & tear is more.

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