Twin Parallel Different Direction Double Screws Extruder
Twin Parallel Different Direction Double Screws Extruder

Twin Parallel Diffrent Direction Double Screws Extruder

As compared with twin conical screw extruder, parallel twin screw extruder has different geometry of screw & barrel. Parallel twin-screw extruder is a special equipment suitable for high-speed extrusion of profiles and large-diameter pipe extrusions due to its characteristics of low shear force.

JINHU parallel twin screw extruder has special oil-cooling system for cooling the screw and air-cooling system for cooling the barrel. Specially designed cooling system is rapid, enlarged heat dissipation area and temperature control accuracy can reach ± ​​1 ℃. Best plasticization state and logistics quality is achieved with the help of most reasonable screw of the structure, according to different formulation requirements of the user. The electrical system adopts imported original parts, few faults, convenient removal and has multiple fault alarm functions. High-consistent extrusion performance of each similar extrusion equipment is guaranteed through high-precision dedicated CNC screw milling machine adopted by all screws of parallel twin screw extruder. Imported bearings (machine element that permit rotation between parts) have long transmission life and can withstand greater extrusion pressure. Extra-large thrust bearing (machine element that designed to support a predominantly axial load) in parallel twin screw extruder is the value-added advantage.


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