PVC Profile Production Line -- manufacturing pvc profiles
PVC Profile Production Line -- manufacturing pvc profiles

PVC Profile Production Line

Basic stages in PVC profile production are:

PVC profile production process
  1. Polymer pellets are fed in the hopper.
  2. From hopper, the pallets are flow down through feed throat and spread across the barrel by the spinning screw.
  3. Barrel heaters provide heating to pallets and screw movement provides the shear heating. At this movement, pallets are thoroughly mixed and have a consistency like thick bubble gum.
  4. After passing through the screw and barrel, pallets are fed to the die at a uniform rate.
  5. Molten plastic then enters the breaker plate and screen pack. The screen pack perform as contamination filter while breaker plate changes the motion of the plastic from rotational to longitudinal.
  6. The gear pump (located in between the extruder and the die) pumps the molten plastic through the die.
  7. The die gives the final shape to the molten plastic. Hollow section extrudes by placing a mandrel or pin inside the die.
  8. Calibrator is used to hold the molten plastic that comes out of the die in the dimensional specification until it cools down.
  9. Cooling unit is where the molten plastic is cooled.
  10. Haul off unit is used for extracting the profile at uniform speed through the water tub.
  11. Cutting unit cuts the profiles in desirable lengths automatically once they pass the haul off. Speed of haul-off unit and cutting unit must be in sync.

JINHU PVC profile production line can select parallel (conical) twin-screw extruders with different specifications according to user requirements of different profiles. Auxiliary equipment includes vacuum setting tables, tractors, cutting machines, turning platforms and so on. User can choose the output of PVC profile production line in range of 60 kg – 700 kg per hour. All movements of profile production line are controlled by imported PLC computer which ensures the stability of operation. According to different molds, 4m, 6m, 8m, 11m and other specifications can be used for the setting table. PVC profile production line is equipped with parallel twin screw extruder, especially suitable for high-speed extrusion of profiles.


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