Pipe fittings mould for injection moulding machine

PPR Pipe Fitting Mould

PPR pipe fitting is specially for water supplying piping system, the connection of the fitting with the pipe has 3 different types.

1. gluing type.

2. welding type.

ABS Connector and PVC Connectors Mould

Construction fitting connector mould, electronical use connectors and plastic switch housing mould, all types of insert over molding mould applied with plastic fitting connector moulds.

Fitting Connector Mould

Hi Tech is advanced in collapsible core system mould, curve core system fitting mould as well as unscrewing ejection pipe & fitting mould. Hi Tech has more than 10 patents in injection fitting connector mould solutions, we are famous for the complex unscrewing ejection with gear system and motor unscrewing system for plastic thread couplers, thread female connector and thread male connector moulds.