Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor
Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor

Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor

Unique oil cooled permanent magnet motors are adopted by the PM and EPM range of SCR PM screw Air compressor which provide highest motor efficiency ratings.

The compressed air with capacity of 3.5 ~ 13.3 m3/min and pressure 7 ~ 10 bar can be achieved by using 30HP-100HP power. PM range of SCR screw compressors use large diameter rotors which guarantee higher efficiency even at low rotational speeds, due to which PM screw Air compressor provide tangible benefits such as low noise and extended longevity.

Rotor position during all-load, unload and starting conditions is effectively retained by the over-sized duel, back-to-back roller bearings. Compressor oil lubrication system (used by SCR’s oil cooled motors) implemented for cooling the motor throughout the whole frequency range which ensure motor temperature remains cool even at low speed running.

Adequate motor cooling ensures to reduce high temperature de-magnetization problems. SCR’s permanent magnet motor is rated at 180 Deg C, so it provides effective protection for de-magnetization problems associated with permanent magnet technology.

IP65 structure of SCR’s PM motor ensure elimination of any dust or liquid ingress which makes it ideal motor even in the harshest environment. Bearing free motor design guarantee low maintenance cost.

The PM range of SCR screw compressors has new generation super profile air-end with excellent safety performance and high efficiency ratings which can reduces air leakage and increases the compression area.

Original “Morse” connection is implemented by the air-end and motor of SCR screw compressors which makes convenient maintenance of air-end in future and simple to carry out.

This method of connection protects motor from any damage. Touch screen intelligent controller is also built-in the PM range of SCR screw compressor.

Special designed permanent magnet motor uses high performance magnet materials giving many advantages such as bearing free operation, low noise, grease free maintenance, low vibration and direct 1:1 coupling without transmission losses.

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