PE.EVA.EVOH Co-Extrusion
pe eva evoh co extrusion line -- manufacture multi layer pipes

PE.EVA.EVOH Co-Extrusion

Co-extrusion is the process in which two or more plastic materials are extruded through a single die to produce multilayer structures, for example, pipes, profiles and panels. To obtain best product quality, all polymers must have similar viscosities to sustain a laminar flow. Advantages of co-extrusion process are:

  • Each used material maintains its desired characteristic properties, such as stiffness, environmental-resistance etc.
  • Use of lower cost materials for filling purpose
  • Potential for use of a recycle layer
  • Co-extrusion process is capable of making multi-functional and multi-layer structures.

JINHU five-layer co-extrusion production line adopts European advanced pipe equipment manufacturing technology and a complete multi-functional co-extrusion production line. Each step from raw material to the finished product implements full automation. Compound co-extrusion standard series: Ф10- Ф630. Spiral distribution or blue type. The flexible design of JINHU five-layer co-extrusion production line is suitable for PP, PE, PP-R, EVOH, PA, ABS and various kinds of polyolefin material. Remember, all types of plastic material are not suitable for the co-extrusion production due to different melting temperatures. You cannot use PVC and acetals in co-extrusion process as potentially violent reactions occur when they joined.

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