Paint bucket mould for sale
Plastic cap mould for sale

Cap/PET Preform Mould

Plastic cap mould and PET preform mould. For the cap mould, we could make flip-top cap mould, water cap mould, Juice cap mould, spray cap mould which could suit for different bottle size. We could also make PET preform mould with multi-cavity for 30ml until 5gallon bottle capacity.If you have new plan to invest into water packaging industry, welcome to contact us, we could supply high quality plastic production line, include cap injection molding line, PET preform injection molding line and also bottle blowing line.

Plastic PS Cup Mould for injection moulding machine

Plastic PS Cup Mould

Plastic PS cup mould is higher precision injection mould 8cavities for high volume high speed mould. airline disposable plastic cutlery, such as plastic PS cups mould, plastic fork and spoon mould and plastic trays mould.

Thinwall Food Container Mould for sale

Thinwall Food Container Mould

From 100ml upto 1500ml box mould, round box mould, thinwall IML molding box get high production capacity for profit.To make thinwall food container, Hi-Tech design multi-cavity thinwall container in separate cavity molding inserts locking system, this not only saving the tooling period time, but also can avoid the tooling mistake risk for high precision tooling process.

plastic cutlery mould for sale

Plastic Cutlery Mould

Disposable plastic spoon fork and knife mould is the Fast food suppliers’ key to open the door of large molding business profit. Large production capacity for PS spoon and fork , PP spoon and fork knife mould at a high speed thinwall production line.We offer plastic cutlery mould such as 32cavity, 64cavity and stacking 48+48cavity for plastic spoon moulds, plastic knife mould, plastic fork mould can run with cycle time of 5seconds. And plastic tray mould, thinwall plastic containers 500ml and disposable 1L box mould in 3seconds cycle time in four cavity.

large paint bucket mould for sale

Plastic Painting Bucket Mould

1L , 2L ,4L ,5L up to 10L, 15L,20L plastic painting bucket mould bucket drop test and water proof standard High speed running painting bucket mould running 20L at 18s cycle time. Copper Beryllium (moldmax) on the top core and cavity edge, leads to best cooling effect for high speed injection. Annually produce several hundreds sets of painting pails molds.