Oil injected Screw Air Compressor Direct Driven
Oil injected Screw Air Compressor Direct Driven

Oil injected Screw Air Compressor Direct Driven

Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C offers screw air compressors in a belt-drive or direct-drive version.

Each option can be beneficial to your requirements. In a direct-drive screw air compressor, there is no belt system. Instead, the motor attaches directly to the compressor crankshaft.

As compared with belt-driven, direct-driven screw air compressor are less adjustable but more efficient. It provides tangible benefits of fewer moving parts, that’s why, only fewer component can incur wear and tear.

This quality makes ideal choice for heavy duty industrial applications where a belt-driven screw air compressor cannot fulfil the industry needs.

No-doubt these are more expensive than belt-driven screw air compressor, but this initial investment is repaid over time because less fuel is required over the life of the  screw air compressor.

SCR’s screw air compressor implements the automatic interlock control and operations management. As compared to other competitors’ machines, SCR’s oversized cooler is larger up to 30%.

The large heat exchanger protects the unit from over-temperature faults even in high ambient conditions. This special designed series also reduces the carbon deposition phenomenon which can cause high temperature. This series adopts same speed direct driven design which is used to overcome the loss of power transmission efficiency under the drive of speed gear. This 1:1 direct-drive transmission configuration is the most efficient drive solution with the lowest maintenance cost.

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