Mobile Accessories Injection Moulding Machine for sale
Mobile Accessories Injection Moulding Machine for sale

Mobile Accessories Series Injection Molding Machine

Polypropylene is a hard plastic which is used to make mobile accessories like mobile cover and cases etc. Hard polyurethane and polycarbonate can be used in manufacturing of mobile accessories (phone case, chargers, external batteries, power banks and selfie stick etc.). Mobile accessories series injection molding machine has features including large space between tie-bars, energy saving with servo motor, central-clamping structure, fast response, stable and super long life.

Yonghua YN Mobile Accessories Dedicated Injection Molding Machine implements hydraulic pressure oil-way system according to actual demand, enhanced electro-motor power, injection control and injection rate by more than 170%. This series is equipped with a fully computer-controlled proportion backpressure system, which can adjust the melting plastic density, reduce product bubble, balance product plasticizing, refine the backpressure data and enhance product surface gloss. Machine safety and beauty are enhanced by the fully closed structure of mounting and metal plates which hides all oil pipelines, electric wire and high-pressure hose inside the machine. Injection efficiency is enhanced through compound optimization of injection servo. Clamping unit adopts five-fulcrum toggle rod structure, unique movable sliding plate structure and increased the safety valve of opening and closing moulding. The reasonable increase in motor oil pump power maximally reduced energy consumption.

Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C is comprehensively Provides different auxiliary equipment including Robot with IML Solution (in-mould labelling), Molds range, Mold Temperature Controller, Chillers etc.


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