Plastic industrial moulds for injection moulding machine
industrial storage box mould for sale

Other Industrial Large Size Mould

Hi Tech is offering a complex mold structure molding solutions for custom design of industrial large size mould. The tooling size for Hi-Tech can reaches extremely big size of industrial plastic size such as water treatment parts,construction plastic parts mould, large size plastic parts molding solutions and so on.

Plastic Lawn Mower Mould for sale

Plastic Lawn Mower Mould

We make plastic lawn mower mould for world leading brand lawn mower, also for various types of garden equipment , plastic mower and high standardplastic lawnmower mould, garden plastic water pump mould.

Pallet Mould for sale

Pallet Mould

Hi Tech design the pallet mould with valve gate hot runner system, the special filter system design to allow recycled material injection moulding, the optimal injection & cooling system, approached the mould high speed injection. Hi-Tech pallet mould can pass the drop test, loading test and all thechemical solutions for industrial pallet standard requirement.

Plastic Pallet container moulds for injection moulding machine

Pallet Container Mould

Pallet container mould for fruit storage in the farm and logistic large container box, pallet container 1200x1000x1000mm, Pallet container 1300x1100x1000 , pallet box mould with ventilation and close version interchangeable.

Industrial Garbage Bin Mould

Industrial Garbage Bin Mould

Industrial Garbage Bin Mould 60L,120L,240L,360L bucket, tank or box mould.Hi Tech has extra large CNC tooling equipment for large capacity injection mould for various garbage bin mould and trash bin mould.