Plastic household mould for injection moulding machine

Household Plastic Mould

large basket mould for sale

80L basket mould

To the household plastic mould, the basket mould is covering a big range. Such as plastic laundry basket mould, plastic picnic basket mould or plastic baby use basket mould. European market is raising for offering the plastic rattan basket, laundry basket with rattan design and so on.

Daily Use Garbage Bin Mould

Daily Use Garbage Bin Mould

Hi Tech has made plenty of garbage bin mould for home application,the garbage bin mould fuction. We have padel bin design plastic garbage bin mould, swang top bins, automatic open plastic garbage bins and so on. Hi Tech has develop model design for household plastic bin mould.

Plastic Drawer Mould for sale

Plastic Drawer Mould

Plastic drawers designed in various types, colorful and different components of the plastic drawer mould. plastic drawer mould, drawer mould with different design and storage shape, plastic cabinet mould

For the plastic drawer mould, Hi Tech made a various size of plastic drawer mould from daily use plastic drawer mold to large size plastic drawer moulds.

Arm Chair Mould for sale

Arm Chair Mould

Hi Tech is manufacturing over then 80 sets of chair moulds every year. Hi Tech offer various cost saving solutions for chair mould and table mould.For example, chair mould with design interchangeable inserts block for different chair backrest versions. Backrest inserts can be easily changed on the machine, which can saving your expensive time during production.

Beach Chair Mould for sale

Beach Chair Mould

Hi Tech use large CNC milling center for making the beach chair mould milling,deep hole drilling for the long size of plastic molding cooling water system, large fitting machine as well as the large injection molding machine such as 1000T-2800T with gas assistant system when you need inject the large gas assist beach chair mould.

Gas assisted Chair Mould for sale

Gas-assisted Chair Mould

HI TECH is advanced in making high quality chair molds and especially high technology Gas-assisted chair mould, PC chair mould, rattan chair mould with Gas-assisted chair moulding solution. And also chair mould with back insert changeable design for different versions, and different seat insert. Rattan chair molds, rattan table molds, rattan plastic stools and drawers molds and so on.

Plastic Storage Box Mould for sale

Plastic Storage Box Mould

Various of plastic box mould, the transparent PP box mould for food or other storage mould. Such as clip on box, lunch box, plastic storage box, tool box mould, daily use package box, air tight box, daily use plastic box mould and so on. Recently, we have made a series of PP transparent box mould for Turkey, annually, we offer various box mould for Italian Mazzei plastic moulding company more than 60 sets of plastic box moulds.

baby toys mould for sale

Baby Use Mould

Baby use mould, such as baby chair, baby tray mould, plastic baby basin mould. All Plastic baby toy mould also covers plastic cubic mould, plastic pipe connector toy mould and so on.By high precision high speed tooling CNC machine, all baby toy moulds can get good parting line of the mould must be perfect and very colorful. And this is also request in good tooling precision and good hot runner color change technology, parting line analysis and so on.