Water Dripper Mould for sale

Water Dripper Mould

Plastic water dripper is divided with many shapes. The function is for saving the water volume during the irrigation system working. Therefore, the control of the water output volume is the key points. To make the water dripper mould successfully, not only to form the plastic water dripper shape in looking, but also the precision of injection mold in the detail of water outlet windows.

Hi-Tech makes automatic water dripper mould with Italian design, without ejection bar, and separate inserts for each cavity, which makes high precision and easy maintenance for 24cavity and 48cavity water dripper mould.

Our customers covers: Saudi arabic countries, Syria country and Russian.

Water Dripper Mould for sale
  • Mould Name: Water Dripper Mould
  • Product Size: 6L
  • Product Description: water dripper
  • Mould Cavity: 24cavity and 48cavity
  • Mould Size: 450x650x500mm
  • Suitable Machine: TWX3580
  • Delivery Time: 90 working days

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