Gas Assisted Injection Mould for sale

Hi Persion Mould

Bi-injection mould for sale

Bi-injection Mould

Bi-injection mould with the rotation system made the molding of dual-color product fast and simply. Our brother company Dakumar Machinery ( )also can offer the two colours rotary injection moulding machines.

Gas Assisted Injection Mould for sale

Gas-Assisted Injection Mould

Gas Assist injection moulding is normally applicable for components in which there are thick sections. Gas assist injection moulding is able to reduce the weight and reinform the plastic components after its molding finish. It is widely applied for gas assist injection moulding in chair mould, table mould, automotive mould and so on.

Water Dripper Mould for sale

Water Dripper Mould

Hi-Tech have made more than 50 sets of various washing machine mould sets, some of the washing machine mould is for 6KG capacity, some of the washing machine mould sets are for 8KG, we have many experiences in washing machine mould manufacturing.

Disposable Tableware Mould for sale

Disposable Tableware Mould

Hi-Tech has many experiences in stacking mould manufacturing, guarantee mould life with 10 million shots. Good cooling system. Accurate products weight controlling for each caivty, we have made a lot of knife mould, fork mould and spoon mould.