Screw barrel gearboxes for injection moulding and extruders
Screw barrel gearbox heaters blower fans for injection moulding and extruders

Demaji Screw Barrel

Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C is innovative and Quality Trustworthy Enterprise which is committed to fueling our customer’s success with features that streamline the entire production process. Our portfolio includes a broad range of high-quality Screw & Barrel, Conical Twin Screw, Parallel Twin Screw, Bimetallic Screw and Gearboxes Series.

Selecting process of the appropriate screw and barrel combination for your plastics products plays an important role in success or failure of any particular machine. If you neglect this selection and focus only on the clamping force, then you may produce bad parts, faster due to improper delivering melt and mix material to the mold. Hi-Tech Machinnery offers screw & barrel that have better L/D ratio, screws design, torque readout, pressure readout and temperature readout for injection moulding machine, single screw extruder, twin conical screw extruder and twin parallel screw extruder.

L/D (length divided by diameter) in extrusion is normally 30:1 or greater, while in injection molding machine it is 20:1 normally. Larger L/D ratio has tangible benefits such as:

  • More uniform shear heat is obtained without any degradation.
  • Greater mixing generates a better homogeneity of the melt
  • Faster cycles of larger shots are ensured through greater residence time of plastic in the barrel.

A proper screw design provides proper mixing and color dispersion without reducing the injection rate.

Our offered Gearboxes Series for single-screw extruder and twin-screw extruder have best transmission efficiency, sufficient safety factor and high torque. Value-added advantages of DEMAJI’s high-quality Gearbox Series include less noise, robust design, enhanced accuracy, robust design, thrust bearings, efficient performance, easy to replace, efficient transmission and high boost output. Typical applications of Gearboxes are automobile parts industry, chemical industry, oil refining industry, electrical industry and mining.


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