Plastic crate mould mould for injection moulding machine

Crate Mould

Cola Bottle Crate Mould

Fruit crate in most cost effective for the plastic crate with minimum cost. The solution is to change traditional plastic fruit crate into disposable crate mould. This can saving your cost of transport, as well as saving the cost of plastic crate molding parts.

Disposable Crate Mould

Air conditioner housing Moulds and home appliance air conditioner mould, industrial center air conditioner mould and so on. Hi-Tech make very well mold-flow analyzing to avoid front mask jointing line. high speed precise CNC milling, and rigorous quality controlling processing.

Plastic foldable Crate Mould for sale

Foldable Crate Mould

Foldable crate mould save employee quantity, injection molding material, power of molding etc. we adopt highlight technology to satisfy all clients requests, makes the foldable crate surface more lighting and more strength and high productivity.

Plastic Crate Mould

Hi-Tech 4 cavities crate mould, it is suitable for high speed injection moulding, e.g. crate size 400*300*160mm, moldmax in the moulding area, the injection speed can approach 25 seconds. Bread crate mould, vegetable crate mould and so on.