Plastic automotive parts moulds for injection moulding machine
Plastic automotive parts mould for injection moulding machine

Automotive INS Mould

Film insert molding technology can achieve a variety of metallic luster on plastic surfaces. By INS solution, Hi-Tech make it possible to design the appearance of decoration surface with impression high gloss on plastic components with complex shapes.

The other name of the embedded injection molding process, it stretch the printed ABS and then tailor the insert according to the shape of the plastic injection mould. During injection process of INS mould the insert is accurately joint with plastic material by injection molding.

No film technology can achieve deformation stage mold casting INS.

  1.  it can save power by 20% each time
  2.  It is a dry and easy decoration process
  3.  Only add cutting and film preheating increase function
  4.  It can easily and readily change the Insert decorative films during production process
  5.  You can choose shooting points more than one .
  6.  You haven’t to wipe the surface of product because of metallic luster.
  7.  Cells and shrink can be cavered.
  8.  with good edge decoration
  9.  Injection distortions and ridings can be easily identified before shooting
  10.  Surface structure inside the injection mold can be clearly displayed on the ins film.
Automotive INS Mould
  • Mould Name: Automotive INS Mould
  • Product Size: 820x109x80mm
  • Product Description: decorative strips
  • Mould Cavity: 1+1 cavities
  • Suitable Machine: TWX6580
  • Mould Main Material: 2344
  • Delivery Time: 60 working days

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