Mega Automatic blow moulding machine for sale
Mega Automatic blow moulding machine for sale

Automatic Reheat Stretch Blow Molding Machine

 MG-SS Series automatic blow molding machine is based on two principles. One, reduce the running cost for bottle manufacturing and second, provide easy operation.

MG-SS series automatic blow molding machines reduce the power consumption up to 30%. Manufacturing of bottles have volume up to 2.5 L can be produced with automatic reheat stretch blow molding machine with output capacity up to 4,500 bottles per hour.

Patented process for spacing the preforms enhance the performance of blow molding machine.

PLC controller of MG-SS series PET blow molding machines integrates a self-diagnosis program, all warning information and actual blowing speed is shown on friendly touch interface.

Toggle clamping unit ensures the fastest possible moving speed and strongest clamping force. Uniform and accurate temperature is achieved through a zoned and layered heating system with an advanced venting unit. MG-SS series PET blow molding machine adopts a double cylinder stretching unit which guarantee the fastest possible stretching speed.

Many brands are finding creative ways to enhance conventional water bottle design by changing the bottle’s shape, packaging or the materials it’s made from for a fresher look.

You can make your own Water bottle design we Provide all kind designs for water bottles


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