РVС and PE PP Mould
pvc pp pe pipe mould -- pipe production line

РVС and PE PP Mould

In pipe production unit, all parts of the extruder plant contribute in the production of plastic pipes, plastic films, plastic sheets and other items. The die head / mould is a very critical machinery part that plays an important role in forming the molten material into desired shape and size. The die head / mould is placed adjacent to the extruder which pushes the material into the head for achieving the desired shape of finished product. Hi TECH Machinery General Trading L.L.C offers wide range of efficient and durable moulds that covers all market needs. JINHU PVC die head / mould adopts bracket-type flow channel structure with reasonable structure while JINHU PP, PP moulds adopts basket or spiral flow channel structure. The base material is 40Cr, and the surface of the runner is chrome-plated.

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